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Hypoallergenic cosmetics developed in collaboration with biologists and pharmacists
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By Manuela asara
Here you will find natural product lines for all skin types, as well as our makeup line
Products for oily and acne-prone skin that help achieve a more balanced complexion
For those who experience redness, allergies, rosacea, and use gentle and specific products
Dermatitis, flaking, dehydration, and other issues of dry skin
Your plan to combat temporary changes with the help of natural products
The correct facial care routine that includes thorough cleansing, moisturizing, protection
Long-lasting lipsticks, eyeshadows, blush, mascara, and more for your makeup needs
Sun protection products that you can choose according to your skin type
Here you will find hypoallergenic aftershave care and other products for men
A natural treatment that helps make your hair healthy and shiny
For those who are tired of collecting multiple products and want a complete care solution for the whole family! In fact, many of our products can be used by children as well.
For those who are tired of searching for hypoallergenic products for sensitive skin and wish to have a complete care routine with natural ingredients every day.
For those who appreciate quality and personalized approach, as you can always contact me for a free consultation and the selection of products based on your skin needs!
Testing cosmetics on animals has been prohibited in the EU since 2004. Since 2009, testing of cosmetic ingredients on animals has also been banned.
The remaining 2% is necessary to extend the shelf life and has been added in acceptable proportions. They do not contain parabens, petroleum, or silicones.
For a long time, I couldn't find suitable cosmetics, so as an esthetician, I created them myself. I participate in their development in collaboration with biologists.
Not tested on animals
98% natural products
Give your skin the gift of natural well-being with Ol Cosmetics products!
We have all the necessary quality certificates, and all our products are 100% Made in Italy. Ol Cosmetics: The natural choice for healthy and prohibited-free skin.
We deliver throughout Europe within 7 days. With every order, we provide samples to allow you to try multiple products! For more information, please refer to the Shipping section.
Customized selection of products based on your skin needs. Contact us on any Messenger platform listed in the Contacts section, and we will respond to all your inquiries!
Camilla Sotgiu
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I ordered a face cream and sunscreen with SPF 50. Unfortunately, one of the packages arrived damaged (you never know what can happen during transit!), so I filed a complaint. Within two hours, Manuela personally called me and promptly arranged for a new package to be sent. It arrived intact a couple of days later.
I haven't tried the face cream yet, but if it matches the quality of the sunscreen, I will be extremely satisfied. The protective cream initially feels a bit greasy, but it quickly and completely absorbs into the skin.
I highly recommend purchasing from this company, both for the quality of their products and for their efficiency and professionalism!
P.S. Along with the second package, they included a wonderful little gift, in addition to the two samples that came with the first package!
Annalisa Calia
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I have purchased several products, all of excellent quality. I highly recommend the face cream and snail mucin eye cream, strengthening shampoo, cocoa butter, and lip balm. Congratulations, Manuela! 👏 I'm pleased.
Francesca Mancini
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The lipsticks from the Ol Cosmetics line are truly top-notch! My favorite is the Classic Red. It has excellent staying power, a fantastic color, and leaves the lips soft and velvety! I also found the eyeliner and mascara to be excellent! These are high-quality products designed by a professional who has always been passionate and dedicated to beauty and makeup! Congratulations, Manuela! ❤
Anna Pedata
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I purchased the apricot kernel face scrub and the hyaluronic acid mask... and I couldn't be happier! The scrub leaves my skin soft and radiant, and the addition of the mask makes my skin firm and hydrated. Highly recommended! 🔝
Laura Ruiu
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Una linea di trucchi fantastica 🔝🔝🔝 per non parlare della crema viso anti age alla bava di lumaca e il siero doppio lifting 😍 super innamorata
I am Manuela Asara, and I welcome you to my online store!
The story of OL Cosmetics is also my personal story!
Immerse yourself in the fascinating story behind my work as an esthetician, where I have transformed my passion for skincare into a journey of self-discovery and beauty creation.

Throughout my journey, I have dedicated my energy to improving the quality of women's skin, giving them an unparalleled sense of confidence and beauty. But the truth is, I haven't just been a help to my clients, I have also found personal relief...

For years, I suffered from dermatitis, redness, and skin allergies that led me to desperately search for cosmetics that would perfectly suit my needs. Yet, no matter how hard I looked, there was always something that didn't fully satisfy me. And my clients experienced the same thing!
Well, if I can't find what I need, I'll create it myself! And that's how OL Cosmetics was born, taking shape in 2018 from the meeting of my greatest passions: cosmetics, makeup, and my ongoing adventure.

All OL Cosmetics products have been studied and designed by me in collaboration with expert biologists to create cosmetics suitable for every skin type and capable of addressing the issues in our daily beauty routine.

We carefully select the active ingredients for our products. Our cosmetic products are made with innovative formulas and natural ingredients that respect the balance of the skin, ideal for both the face and body.
I am Sardinian and I am the founder of OL Cosmetics®
Here we share our valuable tips for skincare, the latest news, upcoming events, and special offers
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